5 best fishing knives

Our knives list includes excellent knives suitable for fishing from a wide variety of categories. There are folding knives, fixers, cheap and expensive knives for every taste. For ease of navigation, we have placed them in the list in ascending order of price.

Mora Companion

Price: $15-20

Steel – Sandvik 12C27;

Handle material – elastron / dinaflex;

Blade length – 103mm;

Weight – 116g;

Profile type – clip-point;

Sharpening type – scandi grind.

The great and terrible “companion” from Mora – one of the best knives in the entire history of the world! Perfect shape, reliable construction, excellent steel and excellent cut – these characteristics are much more expensive than modest Swedes ask for their knives. For fishing, the MG version or any other stainless steel version is suitable, it may not be superfluous to choose a knife in bright colors.

Opinel VRN

Price: $20

Steel – Sandvik 12C27;

Handle material – wood;

Blade length – depending on the model;

Weight – depending on the model;

Profile type – clip-point;

Sharpening type – flat grind.

Another living legend with more than a century of history. The Opinel series of classic folding boxes is as good as aged wine – every detail is in its place, every element is perfectly calibrated and time-tested. Do not let the modest look of the knife deceive you, this is a real workhorse that will go through all the trials with you. The number in the title indicates the length of the blade, the most optimal for fishing 8-12 centimeters.

Kershaw Black Horse II

Price: $27

Steel – 8Cr13MoV;

Handle material – thermoplastic;

Blade length – 98mm;

Weight – 130g;

Profile type – bowie;

Sharpening type – hollow grind.

A traditional American classic – a folding bowie with a backlock lock. This reliable and inexpensive folding box with a gripping massive handle will be used both for fishing, in the forest, and in the country or even in the garden.

Boker Trail

Price: $32

Steel – 440A;

Handle material – G10;

Blade length – 82mm;

Weight – 145g;

Profile type – drop-point;

Sharpening type – flat grind.

A very graceful, but at the same time powerful fix with a small blade. The handle fits comfortably in a wide palm, and a leather sheath and lanyard are included with the knife. The blade is satin-finished, which even better protects it from corrosion.

Cold Steel Finn Wolf

Price: $40

Steel – Aus-8A;

Handle material – Griv-Ex;

Blade length – 89mm;

Weight – 96g;

Profile type – normal;

Sharpening type – scandi grind.

A very unusual knife from Cold Steel – a folding Finca. Thanks to the blade profile and Scandinavian slopes, the knife has a very predatory and fast cut. Such a knife will be convenient not only to work on wood, but also to cut meat and gut fish. The grippy thermoplastic handle is easy to clean and does not slip in your hands. The powerful Tri-Ad Lock allows this knife to chop wood without the danger of folding.

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