Best float rods under $30

Fishing with a float has always been considered an unspoken symbol of fishing as a kind of activity, but recently it has become increasingly fading into the background. Such an arrangement of roles led to the reorientation of the production of many large companies towards the production of more popular spinning and casting rods, leaving authentic float rods out of business.

Over time, the situation was normalized by a serious surge in the popularity of float fishing. However, it was not possible to achieve a comparable surge in activity from manufacturing companies, and today the assortment of goods is represented mainly by little-known firms.

Making a choice in such conditions turns out to be by no means easy – not for experienced anglers, and even more so for beginners from fishing. In this regard, we have selected for you a portion of the best float rods from well-known companies at low prices. The following parameters were chosen as criteria for selecting products for the rating:

  • consumer and expert reviews;
  • ergonomic indicators of products;
  • workmanship and structural reliability;
  • price;
  • operational characteristics.

4. Maximus Archer MSA21L

Price: $21

Nominally, the Maximus Archer MSA21L is not a float rod, but in limited conditions of choice it can be successfully used instead. Its test is satisfactory 3-15 grams, which gives a sensitive rod to feel the bite of small fish (crucian carp, perch or chebak). The fast action, in turn, will allow to make the undercut in a timely manner, negating the possibility of prey going down.

Ergonomically, the Maximus Archer MSA21L is also capable of surpassing its specialized opponents. The total weight of 153 grams is not a big problem even for beginners, and the comfort of the grip (for the cork handle) completely speaks in favor of this model. The only really serious problem in this case is the actual impossibility of fishing from the shore, since the rod does not have enough length to deliver the bait with a swing. However, it can more than make up for lost time from the side of the boat, and even with a higher degree of comfort.


Price: $19

One of the few fiberglass contenders for the rating, the design and execution of which clearly indicates belonging to the equipment for experienced fishing enthusiasts. With a length of 500 centimeters, SIWEIDA VICTOR 2401501 weighs 440 grams – a bit too much, and requires a lot of strength from the user (to wave the blank for the entire fishing session).

The second side of the conscious increase in weight is reflected in the sharpening of the rod for catching large fish. The actual test from 5 to 25 grams allows you to easily catch crucian carp and chebak, and in the intervals between them, and who is larger.

In general, consumers refer to the SIWEIDA VICTOR 2401501 as an extremely skillful and fastidious rod, requiring vigilant control over the process in all its phases. Medium formation sometimes offers to play an interesting game called “jogging”, a weak reaction in which is punishable by the descent of potential prey.


Price: $11

The Salmo TAIFUN ULTIMA 500 TELEROD fiberglass rod is one of the cheapest models in the category, although it shows outstanding results in terms of work on the pond. With the actual test on baits in the region of 5-20 grams, it is able to catch a large predator, not disdaining from time to time to “indulge” in catching a small fish. The structure of this model is average, which automatically presents to the user the presence of at least a little experience in fishing with telescopic floats.

According to consumers, the anti-slip handle was very appropriate, because during a long fishing session, the fiberglass blank begins to slowly “slip out” of the hands. Not left unnoticed and pass rings, placed on the edges of each section. They are simple, but the fact of their presence in a fishing rod for such a price pleases. Actually, like everything else, it is simply stupid to make any claims to a rod for such a price.


Price: $20

Heavy float rod the MIKADO FISH HUNTER FLOAT 500 is another model specially designed for professionals. Its maximum test is 30 grams, which makes it possible to catch not only small crucians and perches, but also quite serious prey in the form of river predators. With a length of 500 centimeters, the weight of the model is 485 grams – this measure is provided in order to reduce the likelihood of sections fracture under dynamic loads on the composite blank.

Consumer reviews of the MIKADO FISH HUNTER FLOAT 500 show that the rod has enjoyed a wide audience appeal. Yes, some remain unhappy with the increased weight and complain about the inconvenience and fatigue of hands when making swings … but exactly until the first weighty predator is caught. After getting to know all the possibilities of the fishing rod, disgruntled exclamations disappear, and they are replaced by surprise and a pleasant feeling of correct financial investments.

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