A Buying Guide for Swing Sets

Swing nets are used by children when they are performing anaerobic or aerobic exercises. They are well-designed, and they are helpful in reducing the risks associated with childhood diabetes and obesity. They come in sizes giving the parent a wide range of options to choose from. You should choose a product that will ensure that your child is happy and safe.   The modern swing sets are made using different materials. Their support structure and the frame are either made of vinyl, wood metal. They can also be made from a combination of several materials. The following are the main types of children’s swing sets. Going through the following swing sets reviews will help you in making an informed decision when purchasing your kid’s equipment.

Metal swing sets

Play equipment made of metal are well designed to withstand the harsh weather. It is also resistant to pest attack. Being susceptible to corrosion, it should be protected from rust. This problem is eliminated by painting the equipment or coating it with a powder finish. Metallic sets are durable than both wood and vinyl equipment.metallic swing set

Wood swing sets

These are the most popular types of swing sets. Wood is one of the best materials. You can use to compliment your home’s natural setting and architecture. Some of the common species used in making them include pine, redwood, and cedar. Sets made using cedar and redwood are highly resistant to pests and rot. Pine should be treated to protect the equipment from wood-destroying insects and weather. The wooden equipment can last for several decades when it is properly maintained.

Vinyl swing sets

They are the cheapest swing sets. They are encased in a vinyl layer that is helpful in preventing injuries associated with splinters. A vinyl layer can also be used in cladding the wooden sets to increase their durability.

The following are the top-rated swing sets.

Gorilla Playsets TreeHouse Swing Set With Timber Shield

It is one of the best selling swing sets on the current market. It is designed with enough whistles and bells to make sure that your kids are well entertained. Its main features include a tube slide, a wave slide, two swings, sandbox, built-in tic-tac-toe game, a trapeze swing, and a rock wall having a climbing tape.

Backyard discovery Skyfort 1 Wood Swing Playset

This is the best wooden swing set on the current market. It has very many features that ensure that your kids are safe and well-entertained. It is meant for residential use. Its key features include a glider, rock wall, and two swings. In addition to this, it is designed with two sturdy forts that make it an ideal option for your kids to play hide and seek.

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