The human growth hormone is a powerful anabolic hormone that is produced throughout the lifetime of a person. It is produced by the pituitary gland in the brain and stimulates the growth of cartilage, muscles, and bones. The hormone is plentiful during the youthful period of the human life and is responsible for growth stimulation in children and has a critical role in the metabolism of an adult.

Human Growth Hormones

Effects of high levels of HGH in the human body

The most common effect of high levels of growth hormones in the body is Acromegaly. This is a condition that causes the human hands to have spade-like shapes, and they become bigger. The facial bones also change in shape as they become larger, becoming more sharper as a result and closer to the facial skin. The jaw alsjkdckjdkjdjddjdjdjdjo becomes bigger, creating spaces between the teeth and the eyebrows appear to be more prominent. The tongue also becomes larger developing speech problems for the individual and the skin becomes more oily and coarse. Internal organs like the heart, kidneys, and liver also become larger. This is used as an advantage by athletes and sportsmen because increased heart and lungs size also increases oxygen carrying capacity of the individual.

Reasons why it is hard to test HGH levels

Human growth hormones naturally occur in the body, which makes it difficult to differentiate what is produced and what is administered by dose. It is also almost impossible to set a level of HGH in a blood sample that will be considered to be unnaturally high, indicating doping. This reason to this is because levels of naturally occurring growth hormones can vary according to factors that stimulate the production of these hormones such as the sleeping patterns of the individual, their diet and the amount of exercise they partake daily.

Why usage of HGH is prevalent in sportsmen and athletes

This is simply done to increase the size of the muscle. There is a close relationship between the size of muscle and the strength of the body. Therefore competitors in events that require short burst and strength are more likely to be lured to use HGH. These hormones also allow weak and tired muscles to regenerate and heal much quicker, allowing the user to train for longer and harder. However, in endurance sports, it is of far much better use since it increases the oxygen carrying capacity of an individual and hence increases their stamina.

HGH as a prescription drug

nfkddkdkldkdkdIn recent days, HGH is used as a prescription drug to treat certain conditions that affect people with a growth deficiency. One can buy human growth hormone for sale on the Internet. It is also used to treat elderly people, especially men, who have lean bodies and low levels of the growth hormones. It is also recommended for use in dairy livestock to increase the production of milk and meat. However, to use this drug, retailers are required to attain a license from the government because the distribution of these drugs is limited.

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