Hyperbaric therapy is gaining popularity in the medical field. Most physicians are now recommending the use of hyperbaric therapy to treat various ailments. If the trend is anything to go by, then Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy will replace other medical procedures. This is due to the many benefits patients get for using the hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treat various ailments. The features of hyperbaric therapy are what make many patients prefer this treatment.

What makes hyperbaric therapy beneficial?

Treatment with pure oxygenasdAacaQSdd

In hyperbaric therapy, treatment is only with oxygen. This is one of the best features of hyperbaric therapy. It is beneficial to patients because oxygen is a naturally existing gas. From this natural gas, patients will get natural treatment. This gives them other benefits such as decreased risks of side effects. In hyperbaric therapy, a patient gets more oxygen flow than what the atmosphere provides. The percentage of oxygen a patient gets depends on the medical requirement of the patient.

Increased pressure

Another main feature of hyperbaric therapy is increased pressure. The normal atmospheric pressure is 1 atm. However, there is a gradual increase in pressure in the chamber. The technician will increase the pressure to a higher target. Again, the increased pressure depends on the medical demands of the patient inside the pressurized chamber. The range of pressure in the chamber is usually 2.0 to 3.0 atm.

Different chambers

asdAQdasSSHyperbaric therapy can be performed in different types of chambers. This is beneficial since it suits people with different needs. For example, a patient with specific pressure and oxygen requirements may use a monoplace hyperbaric chamber that holds a single patient per session. In this monoplace chamber, a patient will have the entire chamber pressurized and filled with oxygen. There is also the option of multiple hyperbaric chambers that can hold more than one patient. In such a chamber, patients will receive oxygen through a mask.

Affordable treatment

Treatment cost is amongst the main features that one cannot ignore when deciding on the kind of treatment to go for. Hyperbaric therapy is an affordable treatment option. With the different types of chambers, you can choose the most affordable chamber for your treatment. However, you will need to identify a leading provider of hyperbaric therapy offering the services at reduced prices. When you get such a medical service provider, you will treat different ailments at an affordable price using hyperbaric therapy.

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