The 6 best braided lines for spinning fishing

Modern braided cords have almost completely replaced monofilament fishing lines in such a popular fishing direction as spin. Thanks to the braided line, new fishing techniques have appeared, and artificial baits have become more catchy. What is the secret of braided cord success?

Braided fishing line has become popular for several important benefits:

  • The braided line practically does not stretch, significantly increasing the sensitivity of the tackle.
  • The cord is much stronger than monofilament fishing lines at the same thickness.
  • Modern braided lines glide perfectly through the rings, increasing the casting range of the lures.
  • The use of special weaving and processing of fibers made the cord durable.

All these qualities gave impetus to the development of such spin fishing techniques as twitching, jig and jerk. The braided line has improved the catching power of bulk plastic lures and silicone fish. A new direction appeared in ultralight called micro jig. Only the braided line makes it possible to monitor the movement of miniature lures weighing 1g in the water.

The rating of the best braided lines was compiled on the basis of reviews from connoisseurs and fans of spin.

Power Phantom XLT 4x Green

The well-known German company Power Phantom makes inexpensive XLT braided cords. The cord has a tight weave and a round cross-section. The manufacturer managed to obtain a braided line with high strength and durability. A distinctive feature of the model is an exceptionally smooth surface and easy sliding on the rings. The developers have applied an innovative weaving technology, thanks to which the cord does not form “beards” during operation. Braided line combines strength and softness, it is easy to knit, and the resulting knot is reliable. The best budget braid in our rating.

✅ minimal friction;
✅ high strength;
✅ wear resistance.
❌ not found

Sufix Matrix Pro

The Sufix Matrix Pro braided line meets all the main requirements of both beginners and experienced spin fishermans. Due to its smoothness and lack of stretch, it is easy and convenient to fish with the line. Even for beginners, the line does not get confused after casts. A good casting distance is provided by a perfectly round cross-section of the line. The cord has high strength and durability. And the use of a special wax coating prevents the braid from getting wet in water.

✅ smoothness of the surface;
✅ lack of extensibility;
✅ water repellency.
❌ over time, smoothness and color are lost.

FireLine Green

The classic braided line is the FireLine Green line from the USA. She is chosen for the role of the base not only by spin fisherman, but also by the master of the feeder fishing. The cord is quite tough, does not form a “beard” after casting, and its rich color stands out well against the background of water. The structure of the cord has a high density; in cross-section, the cross-section is round. The fibers are treated with special impregnation, so the braid does not absorb water. The braided line can be used in combination with spin reels and multipliers.

✅ rigidity;
✅ good water-repellent properties;
✅ versatility.
❌ over time, the color fades.


In this price range, SUNLINE SM PE EGI ULT HS8 has become the best braided line for spin. Japanese developers have surpassed competitors in such parameters as sensing and casting distance. The smooth and strong fibers are woven into eight-core cords that are abrasion-resistant and inextensible. A slippery line does not create additional friction when passing through the guide rings. A wide range of thicknesses allows you to choose the best braided line for a specific predator or body of water.

✅ high sensitivity;
✅ excellent casting range;
✅ wear resistance.
❌ high price.

Spiderwire Ultra Cast

Durable Spiderwire Ultra Cast 8-conductor American cord. Made from Dyneema material. Due to its high sensitivity, the braided line is used by spin, feeder and floaters. The braided line has no memory, does not stretch, and provides a high casting distance. The fibers are treated with Teflon, which reduces friction and makes the cord water repellent. The best all-round braided cord in our ranking.

✅ versatility of application;
✅ sensitivity;
✅ cast range.
❌ stratification of threads;
❌ the coating is peeling off.

Power Pro Moss Green

The American braided cord Power Pro Moss Green is made from the innovative Spectra Fiber. The material was created using EBT technology (Enhanced Body Technology). The braided line is distinguished by increased resistance to abrasion, has a round cross-section and high elasticity, practically does not stretch, it has no memory. The high tensile strength is maintained even with correctly connected knots. The smooth surface of the line allows for long casting of lures.

✅ wear resistance;
✅ high strength;
✅ lack of extensibility and memory.
❌ a lot of fakes.

How to choose the best braided cord for spin fishing?

When choosing a braided line for spin, anglers most often pay attention to indicators such as strength and thickness. However, you should not blindly trust the parameters specified by the manufacturer.

  • Many experienced anglers check the strength indicator at home. It is enough to arm yourself with a set of cargoes to compare the declared figures with the real ones. Novice anglers should be aware that manufacturers usually exaggerate the capabilities of their braided lines by 25-30%. Therefore, when buying a cord with a tensile strength of 26 lb, you can be sure that it will withstand a load of 17 lb.
  • The diameter of the braided line can be called an abstract indicator, which is measured along the shell. Often novice spin fishermans compare braided lines by analogy with monofilament lines. However, this approach is fundamentally wrong. Because of this, a number of manufacturers do not indicate the thickness of the cord at all, and strength plays the role of the main characteristic. It can be expressed in the usual pounds for us.

A few words should be said about the structure of braided lines. All cord manufacturers use polyethylene fibers from three factories under the brands:

  • Dyneema is available in Holland and Japan;
  • Spectra is made in the USA.

Thus, the fibers at the base of braided cords are practically the same, but they are intertwined according to different technologies, with different coatings, which makes the products differ in price and quality.

Good luck fishing!

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