How to Pick a Stand up Paddle board

One great purchase decision you can never regret is a paddle board. It delivers greatly when used on the water. Additionally, paddling will get you into great shape and remains a perfect way of building new relationships. Select the right board that is easy to use and offers great quality. Here are some of the top-rated SUP paddle boards available in the market.

Surf Stand up Paddle boards

The surfing boards are much narrower and offer light, short and narrow tail and nose. This is designed to perform great performance and offer quick turns. This is mostly offered in the surf zones. These boards are not suited for long distances as they provide a lot of work that keeps them on a certain path. This path is less stable than the larger boards.

Year-Round Stand up Paddle boards

These multi-purpose paddleboards provide wider and longer volumes which can be used all year round. They can be identified with their pointed nose shapes. During their manufacture, they are perfected to blend perfectly with wavy conditions, Today, they are common among flat-water paddlers. It can be done on lakes or surf zones on sunny days. The touring boards are much better for beginners who want to perform Sup. Additionally, this takes place in areas surrounded by flat water.

Inflatable (stand up) Paddle Boards

flat water boardsThe inflatable boards were invented to solve transportation and storage problems. A good number of those who paddle reside in apartments. Alternatively, they have vehicles. Having large boards becomes an issue when considering storage and transportation on your small vehicle. This is where the inflatable paddleboard fills in that market gap. For a fact, the inflatable materials are easier and transport and light in weight. To achieve this attributes, a little compromise is made on stiffness. This setback might mean more difficulty when riding in waves. However, with the right conditions and surfer experience, it can still be done. It is worth noting that river surfing is becoming a bigger part of this sport. This attracts more people to the inflatable sups.

Racing Boards

Racing boards are top selling stand up paddling boards. In many countries today, there are competitions along the waterways and coastlines. Whether you are in a competition or simply aspire to keep fit through the vigorous paddling workout, the race board is highly recommended. The race boards are longer and narrower than their other counterparts. Additionally, they have a pointed nose that provides a lot of fun. Racing boards are designed to remain on track as they cut through the water surface. If you are not moving at high speed, stability will be an issue. These advanced boards need more practice time and getting used to.

The Yoga Boards

SUP yoga boards can be immediately identified as wide and long boards with a soft top offering various places of hooking your exercise tools. The exercise tools provide safety equipment and resistance bands.

picking your size


The first step when looking for a board is identifying the right size that fits. Give more priority to board volume when shopping. This is because volume determines its stability. A wide, thick and long board is more stable. First timers are advised to go for larger volume options.

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