TOP 5 inexpensive float rods

Float rods, like any other class of rods, have a special structure, dimensions and principles of fishing. At the stage of selection, the combination of these subtleties creates a problem even for experienced anglers. Therefore, when buying a float rod, we recommend that you pay attention to the following aspects:

Form material. Experienced anglers strongly advise beginners to avoid buying rods with bamboo and fiberglass blanks and opt for more modern carbon fiber or composite models. Always start fishing with good, informative rods.

The weight. It is very important that the float rod is light and can be constantly monitored during the fishing process. The optimal weight of models for float fishing is in the range from 60 to 200 grams.

Length. The choice of a float rod for this parameter strongly depends on how you plan to fish: from a boat or from the coastline. In the case of board fishing, we recommend staying on those models, the length of which does not exceed 5 meters. In turn, fishing rods from 5 to 6 meters are ideal for coastal fishing – longer samples for beginners will be redundant (too heavy and less controllable).

Rigidity (scale). This parameter characterizes the degree of response of the rod to the bite. Fast action (and high rigidity) models will uncompromisingly strike any predator that dares to bite the bait. Slow action, on the other hand, ensures that a couple of subtle but significant bites are missed, which can sweep the bait off the hook. Therefore, at first, we recommend making a choice for fishing rods with a higher stiffness.

Rod test. This parameter is very often overlooked, but it is he who determines the degree of fishing efficiency. Remember: the lower limit of the test for lures on a float rod should not exceed 7-8 grams. This is due to the fact that the models of the higher test are designed for catching a large predator and do not have a margin of sensitivity sufficient to recognize the bite of a small fish.

5. Norstream Flagman Pole FLPM-500

Price: $78

Following the path of promoting traditional technologies for making blanks, the Japanese company did not trick with the materials, relying on carbon fiber. The results are clear: the total weight of the Flagman Pole FLPM-500 is only 235 grams.

Judging by consumer reviews, the float rod is not designed to handle heavy loads. Its five-section structure is capable of carrying the standard weights of small prey such as chebaks, small river bass, crucian carp, etc. Fishing for large fish is fraught with plastic deformation of the upper, thinnest knees, up to their complete break. Either way, the Norstream Flagman Pole FLPM-500 is a real catchy canon, definitely worth the money.


Price: $68

The only representative of the rating of the best, whose length boldly exceeds the mark of 700 centimeters. Salmo DIAMOND POLE LIGHT MF 7.01 belongs to the light class of float rods, the weight of which, however, fluctuates around 405 grams. The entire design of the model is aimed at withstanding the attacks of a large predator when using baits along the upper limit of the dough (15 grams).

As for the ergonomics, consumers do not have a single comment about Salmo DIAMOND POLE LIGHT MF 7.01. Yes, with a long fishing trip, your hands start to get tired, which negatively affects both the hook time and the casting. However, the very position of the handle in the hand is comfortable, largely due to the anti-slip coating.


Price: $131

The SHIMANO NEXAVE AX TE GT 7-450 XH is the only extra heavy float rod with an insane test range from 30 to 100 grams. As you already understood, it will not be possible to catch small crucians on such a “stick” – the sensing system is too small for such cases. The specificity of its use in a reservoir generally requires a very high individual skill from the fisherman, akin to what recognized professionals are able to do. This imposes certain restrictions on the range of consumers – the fishing rod is far from being designed for the masses.

With all its focus on tough fishing conditions, the SHIMANO NEXAVE AX TE GT 7-450 XH weighs only 301 grams. This is achieved through the use of XT60 high modulus graphite as the blank material. Thus, the rod is ideal for catching heavy prey such as carp or carp.


Price: $78

No less cool rod for float fishing was prepared by the recognized leaders of the fishing industry – the Japanese company Shimano. ALIVIO CX TE 5-600 was warmly received by the entire fishing community and presented to consumers a lot of nice “chips”. Firstly, unlike its main competitors, Shimano managed to significantly reduce the weight of the blank (up to 327 grams), without losing in any way endurance and strength in components. Secondly, especially sensitive users were impressed by the absolutely adequate average tuning, which works properly for undercutting as a slightly slowed-down fast. Thirdly, the load capacity of the rod is fully revealed throughout the test, the range of which varies from 4 to 20 grams. The anglers named the lack of throughput and unloading rings as a small structural defect of the ALIVIO CX TE 5-600. However, this did not prevent them from giving the model the highest marks.

1. Maximus Sorcerer Bolo STEGT600

Price: $78

Maximus Sorcerer Bolo STEGT600 demonstrates a qualitatively different level of float rods. The flagship of its series, it is designed for fishing from the shore, which is clearly indicated by the length of 600 centimeters. The need to make the rod more durable pushed manufacturers to consciously increase its weight, which is why the seemingly miniature carbon blank began to weigh a good 430 grams. This added new faces to the list of operational capabilities, but at the same time caused the angler’s hands to get tired quickly from the frequent casting of the bait into the water.

The Maximus Sorcerer Bolo STEGT600 has eight rings, two of which are unloading rings and adequately distribute the load from the tip to the top of the blank. In addition, the consumer is particularly distinguished by the presence of a cap for drying and maintenance of the rod. All this (as well as the covers and the removable protection for the rings) suggests that manufacturers have tried to create a really reliable spinning rod that can please with performance for many years.

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